Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ten Things Students Want in Virtual Schools

10. Give me test after test without telling me what they mean for me

9. Teach me how to take and master the state test

8. Give me lots of practice time and problems so I can demonstrate how good I am at the state test

7. Add more to my plate beyond my regular class schedule

6. Tell me you care about me then call me by my first name when I go by my middle name

5. Tell me all the things I am behind on and assume it is because I don't care, or I am lazy

4. Sell me on your school with promises you don't intend to keep

3. Tell me how flexible this is for me right before you tell me "No, you can't do that, or that either."

2. Ask me why I didn't show up for the online club after my 10-hour day filled with Class Connects and regular coursework

1. Blame me for not engaging with your rigorous curriculum

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