Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tennessee Virtual Academy could cause a ripple effect

Last week a Tennessee judge refused an injunction request to keep the Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA) open, and just today the State Legislature appeared to close the door on TNVA when a last-ditch effort to keep it open was refuted.

I have written about this ongoing issue extensively here in my blog so I will not repeat all of it here. However, what will be interesting to watch over the next few years is, if TNVA is actually forced to close, will it be the beginning of a ripple effect across the country for virtual schools, particularly those operated by K12?

Make no mistake, the legal battle in Tennessee is only now just beginning so this is far from over. But, the signs are pointing to TNVA having to close at the end of this school year, and if that is the case, what other states are watching?

Massachusetts? California? Pennsylvania? Ohio? Colorado?

It's a shame really. Virtual schooling can be a revolutionary concept, if done properly. And, situations like this give it a black eye.


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