Thursday, August 14, 2014

Windowless Airplanes and Virtual Schools

Technicon France is re-imagining what it can be like to fly. Instead of thinking outside the box, they are throwing the proverbial box away. The result could be a fascinating journey the next time we take to the skies on a private jet. Who know, perhaps commercial airlines might be next.

The Future of Airplanes Could Be a Windowless Jet by Brittany Jones Cooper, Editor at Yahoo Travel.

How does this relate to virtual schools? Too many of them try to differentiate themselves by tweaking little things just like most commercial airlines do. Is there really a big difference between Delta and American? What about K12 and Connections Academy -- how different are they?

Technicon France is trying to change the flight experience as we know it. Imagine if United adopted a similar approach and utilized this technology -- in what ways would it alter the flying experience for passengers? Could it alter seat arrangements since there would be no windows? How would it benefit First Class passengers - could they utilize the technology for work while in flight? What could it do for Coach passengers - could the visuals provide a calming effect? The possibilities would definitely be expanded. More importantly, people would take notice of United.

In the world of virtual education where is the school that is re-imagining online learning in order to alter the paradigm instead of simply tweaking and hoping for better results? It can be risky out there close to the edge. Or, is it riskier to stay in the middle with everyone else?

Those in the middle seldom get noticed.

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