Saturday, January 23, 2016

Be bold

Boldness may simply mean making the path everyone is on wider. Typically though it means carving your own path, going places others are afraid to go, and going to the edge.

Real change tends to occur out on the edge, where it is uncomfortable, where others dare not go.

Confusion occurs when we believe something in the middle is an outlier, and we convince ourselves otherwise.

Closing the gap sounds edgy unless you compare it to eliminating the gap. Then it is merely the middle.

In what ways would our minds and thoughts expand if we turned our attention to eliminating the gap in education, instead of merely closing it?

Simple thoughts produce small results. Bold thoughts and ideas have the potential to alter the paradigm, change the future, and set us on a completely new path.

Being bold can be scary. It's funny though how scary and exhilarating tend to go together.

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