Monday, January 25, 2016

3D Printing and Virtual Schools

3D printers have the ability to:

* Allow us to travel among the stars
* Save rhinos from poachers
* Replace missing limbs on humans
* Build automobiles
* Fly

In essence, 3D printing is revolutionizing the way in which we live, and will live in the future. And, it is merely one way in which technology is transforming our world.

Enter virtual schools. We have the potential to transform education, radically, with virtual schools.

We can reach students no matter where they are, bring students together across the state, the country, the world, and connect students with the future. Virtual schools, unlike any other type of education, have this capability, this opportunity, this responsibility.

With virtual schools we can bridge racial, demographic, and social gaps in ways no other type of education can. Even more importantly, with virtual schools we can inspire students, open their world to possibilities, bring the world to them, and expand their horizons, their thoughts, and their dreams in ways no other type of education can.

The moment we quit trying to make virtual schools look and feel like traditional schools is the moment we open this box of potential and release the energy within it.

Let's dream beyond the moment and desire more. Let's move toward re-imagining the virtual learning experience rather than trying to adapt and adjust the current model.

Let's think virtual learning instead of virtual schools. Let's make it a verb and not a noun. Let's dream big, dream boldly, and dream beyond our level of comfort. Let's dream in 3D.

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