Monday, June 8, 2015


Are we entering a world where instant is the new standard in engagement with customers?

Google is conducting a livestream event this Thursday, June 11, to discuss #MicroMoments and how brands can capitalize on this behavior. According to Google, we now live online and we engage with brands in micro moments and those moments add up to a relationship. Brands that understand this behavior and build to capture minds and hearts of consumers by being there the instant consumers need attention are the brands that will take the lead.

Many brands are currently just tapping into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that allow for relationship building based on behaviors on the web sites and within emails. And now, the trend appears to be leaning toward these #MicroMoments as Google so aptly describes them. What is a brand to do?

Brands that are already built around the customer have the advantage here. It will be difficult for brands that are not customer-centric to fully take advantage of these micro moments because they are not currently putting the customer first. That must be the first step or #MicroMoment efforts will fall flat.

On the other hand, those brands that are driven by the customer will be the ones to watch and see how they continue to build loyalty by utilizing these micro moments to further the bond between them and their customers. For them it is merely another way of enhancing the relationships they have already built.

#MicroMoments may be a new way to engage with consumers but building trust is still the goal. Brands who are already building this trust are better equipped to take advantage of this new battleground.

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