Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Touch points with your customers

One of the methods I deploy when working with companies is to help them identify each and every touch point they have with their customers -- whether it is through their employees, their web site, their literature, their receipts, etc.

What's the point? The reason we go through the process is to ensure that each touch point is continuing to tell the story the company wants to share. If there is a break in the story the customer will find it.

A movie is made up of individual frames with each one continuing the narrative -- if one frame is out of sync it disrupts the story. Touch points are no different. Each one must be aligned with the overall narrative and play a supporting role. When they do not, it could be the difference between a "B" movie and an Oscar-nominated one.

In your business, strive for the Oscar, your customers deserve it. If you do not, they may take their popcorn and catch another show.

Take time to think about the touch points for your company. Then, go back through the process and uncover the hidden touch points -- these are ones that are sometimes hard to find because they can easily be overlooked -- sales receipts, shipping containers, inventory slips, email signatures, etc. Remember, they are not hidden from your customers.

Each and every touch point provides you an opportunity to share another part of your story.

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