Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What #AmericasGotTalent is really about

It's not about talent.

It's not about the judges.

It's not about the Dunkin Donut product placement.

It's not about Nick Cannon.

America's Got Talent is about something deeper, more meaningful, and even inspiring.

With each contestant story you hear it repeated over and over -- whether they are age 11, or age 90, whether they are individuals or teams.

It was epitomized in tonight's episode by Daniel Joyner, a contestant from Alamo, Tennessee.

In his interview he shared that even now at age 17, he is at a decision point in his life:

Should I follow the practical route -- go to college, get a job, and make a career?

Or, should I follow my dream? Should I pursue what gets me excited?

It was also epitomized by 90-year old Dorothy Williams who gave up on her dream at age 23, and got a job in a supermarket. Yet, her dream continued to pursue her. And tonight, she became the star she always wanted to be.

Calysta Bevier reminded us too a few weeks ago what #AGT is really all about -- it is about a life-changing event that caused her to realize how short life really is, and how important it is to pursue one's dream.

You see, America's Got Talent is about one thing: people pursuing their dreams.

It's funny. We all agree life is too short. We all agree one should pursue one's dream. Yet, so many of us stop there.

What we forget though is until we pursue our dream, it will continue to pursue us.


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