Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Make each day a masterpiece?

Do you know how tough it is to design a masterpiece? And, do you realize it is the people who buy your work that decide whether or not it is a masterpiece, not you?

So, why should we strive to make each day a masterpiece? It is a pain-staking process, wrought with blood, sweat, and tears. Then, we put it on display hoping others will approve, much less buy it.

I say, instead of a masterpiece, let's allow each day to be an abstract, and let's simply create something fresh. What if we strove to simply add some color to the day, some texture, some lines rather than spend our time trying to produce some masterpiece?

It's not settling. Nor is it taking the easy way out. It is simply redirecting our expectations and allowing our day to be an abstract one where we spend our time cultivating joy, not tears.

One little spark of inspiration: Make each day messy.

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