Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Candace Payne and the simple joy of Chewbacca

Seven days ago just a handful of people knew Candace Payne. And then, one little spark of inspiration led her to post a video of herself trying on a Chewbacca mask on her Facebook account.

The 4-minute clip was filled with her laughing her way through the opening and demonstration of the mask. It was, and still is, hilarious.

Within the first hour or so she had reached 1,000 views. By the time she went to bed that evening, it was up to 1 million. Wake up the next morning and the views topped 20 million.

As of this writing the viewership is well in the hundred million views. And now, she has been on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, and The Late Show with James Corden (where she even did a skit with J.J. Abrams). The latest is the original Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew, reached out to her to invite her family to be his guests at an upcoming Star Wars fest in Dallas.

As she described it at the end of her original video, it is the "simple joys" in life. Candace's one little spark of inspiration has led to hundreds of millions of people around the world taking time to laugh. There's no hidden message behind it, no ulterior motive, no marketing ploy. It was quite simply a window into her moment of pure joy -- and we all get to celebrate it with her, over and over again.

Laughter -- we need more of it.

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