Monday, March 21, 2016

Think Tiny. Dream Big. Live Free.

Yesterday a group of us launched Alaska Tiny Homes, asking people to Think. Dream. Live.

Hiding in plain sight within the tiny home movement is the concept of freedom. Freedom toward something or freedom from something. Either way, freedom is at the core.

Freedom to move.

Freedom to explore.

Freedom to be on your own terms.

Freedom from debt.

Freedom from commitments and obligations.

Freedom . . . freedom . . . freedom.

As we move forward we endeavor to bring the stories of our clients (those who want to share) to our followers. Every person has a wonderful story to share -- filled with inspiration, encouragement, redemption, growth, setbacks, perseverance, and awe. We want to share those with you.

Visit us at Alaska Tiny Homes to take your first step toward freedom.

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