Sunday, March 20, 2016

Alaska Tiny Homes (

What does freedom look like for you? How would you define it?

For thousands of people, big freedom can now be found in tiny places -- like tiny homes.

The Tiny Home movement is growing. And, then there is Alaska. Known as The Last Frontier, there is an aura and allure to this state that is growing too. All you have to do is turn on Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery, or any other station and see all things Alaska.

So, what could be better than combining the great State of Alaska and tiny homes -- enter Alaska Tiny Homes.

Alaska Tiny Homes ( is a collaboration between five people who believe in the freedom that comes with tiny, and desire to share the beauty of Alaska with others.

Our team is in the process of designing models to select from with the first three being the Yukon Model, Denali Model, and Kodiak Model -- each having their own style, flavor and feel.

However, we can also custom-build the type of tiny home you want and desire, and add a touch of Alaska for you -- whether you are building in Alaska, or the Lower 48.

One area we are extremely excited about is we are building partnerships with local Alaskans, Native Alaskans, and others who fall under the state's Made In Alaska protocol, and bringing their craftsmanship to our tiny homes. Our desire is to share these artisans and experts, along with their art to other Alaskans and those in the Lower 48.

We are excited to launch this new company, and invite you to explore Alaska Tiny Homes at

And, if you know of someone interested in wanting to build a tiny home, do let us know.

Thank you.

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