Sunday, January 24, 2016

The perfect teacher-student ratio in virtual schools

Is it 1:50?

Or, 1:25?

Or, 1:30?

My belief is the perfect teacher-student ratio is not a number but rather a person.

For one teacher, 30 students may be enough. For another, it may be 50 or 60.

Perhaps if we looked at it differently we could determine the best number of students for each teacher instead of trying to arbitrarily assign some average number across the board. Assign the number of students based on the ability of the teacher to build relationships with them instead of defining a number based on the industry.

Less students does not mean less of a teacher. More students does not mean a better teacher. If we are going to work to find the right-fit students, we need also to work to find the right-fit number for each teacher to shine, to excel, to prosper. and to impact the students under his/her care.

Sure, it would require additional thought related to compensation. But, it would be worth the investment.

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