Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Unexpected expected

If you ever go to Magic Kingdom the best place to watch the fireworks is not in front of the castle where everyone else crowds in shoulder to shoulder. The best place is behind the castle near the carousel, in front of Be Our Guest restaurant.

By standing there you will have to watch the fireworks spectacular with tennis in mind -- turning your head back and forth from Cinderella's Castle then behind you, then back to the castle, then behind you.

The beauty of it all is that you find yourself not just watching the fireworks, but standing in the middle of them. It is something to behold.

But, that is the expected. Go to Disney, watch an amazing display of fireworks set to music, and even search for unique spots to watch them.

What is the unexpected expected?

When you stand behind the castle to watch the fireworks you will find on most evenings a young man named Craig.

Craig is a Custodial Cast Member. He spends his days and evenings working to ensure that the park is kept clean of trash and debris. You would expect that since he is a Cast Member, he would also seek out ways to make magical moments for Guests of Disney. Again, that is to be expected.

But, stand there and as the fireworks begin, Craig begins to put on a show. He transforms from a Custodial Cast Member to the Conductor of the fireworks themselves. He dances, waves his arms majestically with wand in hand, and lip syncs the entire fireworks program. For the little kids who are there watching, it is as if he is the one causing the fireworks to perform.

"I enjoy my role here at Disney, but I live for this each evening," Craig said to me after his performance last night.

For the families who are there to witness his show, it is a highlight of the day spent at the Magic Kingdom.

What makes it so magical is that it is so unexpected, and yet being Disney you would expect that this might happen -- the unexpected expected.

Virtual schools can learn from this by seeking ways to provide their families with an unexpected level of service at first, Then, over time it becomes expected. Once that is achieved, you then have the opportunity to provide the unexpected expected level of service to your families, continually surprise them, and consistently build loyalty from them.

It takes a disciplined approach to provide this type of service, and a commitment to seeing it through. It must be something you "live for" each day.


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