Sunday, December 27, 2015

Exit Now

The youngest of my four children is a seven-year-old girl who will one day rule the world. She is an amazing little girl whose insight into life is refreshing.

Her middle name is Breeze and my wife has collected what we call Breezyisms -- or her sayings over the years that offer a fresh perspective on life, often filled with humor.

Recently we spent over a month in Lake Buena Vista, spending time with my clients, working from and with Disney, and enjoying the parks as often as possible.

One evening as we headed back to our executive villa, we found ourselves on I-4. It was late, we were all very tired from the Magic Kingdom that day, and it was quiet in the car. Then, a Breezyism occurred.

"Dad, that sign says Exit Now," Breezy said, noticing one of the interstate directional signs flashing up ahead. "That's so rude. Why couldn't it say Exit Please?"

Sometimes what we mean doesn't come across by what we say. We need to choose our words carefully, and allow for the nuances that occur when they are heard.

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