Sunday, December 20, 2015

Being authentic

Below is an image of the Nativity scene, and it is similar to one we probably have all grown up with.

It's a beautiful scene, filled with warmth.

However, I happen to believe it was probably more like the version below from Gari Melchers.

To me, this one is just as beautiful.

In today's world it is much easier for customers to "go behind the scenes" to see who you really are. The potential of it all is that many times a more authentic version of you is even more beautiful than the one you try to paint over in hopes that others will believe it.

Virtual schools have spent far too long trying to paint an unreal picture. All the while parents have been asking for them to be authentic yet for some reason they remain afraid to be who they are. I believe beauty lies within authenticity and those virtual schools who are willing to be who they are will lead us into the next generation of virtual schooling.

First though, that requires knowing who you are.

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