Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My office is EPCOT

Thanksgiving is a mere two days away. Today I find myself sitting across from my namesake Journey Into Imagination with Figment conducting executive coaching calls, re-imagining virtual schools, and helping a new client develop a customer-centered culture -- and doing it all while I listen to the EPCOT music overhead, watch people pour into the Figment attraction, and enjoy the reason why I started my own firm over two years ago.

I am in Florida for over a month working on a special Mouse-related project along with my normal consulting efforts. Today though I have the privilege of working from EPCOT, because today this is my office.

Two years ago I chose myself, as Seth Godin would say, because I grew tired of the corporate life and became disillusioned with the evolution of K12. Since then I have had the honor of working with some wonderful clients who are out to truly "do virtual right." They too are weary of the current model, and desiring of something far greater. Those are the types of virtual schools and companies I want to do business with -- ones that want to make a difference, a real difference.

The fun thing about being a consultant is you also get to choose your clients. Oh, I know most would say the client chooses you, and that is true to a point. However, you also get to choose your clients. You determine who you are willing to work with, and who you are not. The selection process is a two-way street, and by seeing it that way it actually increases your potential.

Since leaving K12 I have become wealthy in ways far more than mere financial wealth, though that too has increased dramatically.

The wealth of freedom.

The wealth of independence.

The wealth of doing the work that matters.

The wealth of making a difference.

The wealth of working with clients who are remarkable.

The wealth of providing a service that is appreciated.

The wealth of having my family with me for this journey.

The wealth of being there for my children, and not missing anything in their lives.

The wealth of relocating by choice.

Today my office is EPCOT. The beauty of it all though is that tomorrow my office is wherever I want it to be. And for that, I am grateful.

Now, I have an hour until my next call -- perhaps it is time to experience Journey Into Imagination with Figment.


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