Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Time for customer service in public schools

Recently a student in Texas was arrested for bringing a clock to school. And while I believe this latest incident shines a spotlight on where we are in today's world, and how fear seems to be driving us, my intent is not to focus on that larger issue for this.

My aim is to center in on the follow-up letter sent out by the district to the parents, and the spotlight it shines on the lack of customer service skills pervasive in public schools today. Transforming the letter from one of informing parents of what happened at school to recommending they use this opportunity to speak to their children about the Student Code of Conduct and specifically not bringing items to school that are prohibited shows poor judgment at best.

It also demonstrates the lack of customer service within our public schools today. The virtual schools I have the privilege of working with are helping transform the overall learning experience by building a customer-centered culture, adopting service standards, and treating students as the valued customers they are.

Imagine a public school that took the same initiative. Imagine a public school that focused not just on the academics but also on the experience of learning. Imagine a public school (leaders, teachers, and staff) that built a culture centered on providing a remarkable learning experience for its students and treated them as the valued customers they are.

It is an idea worth imagining. It is also one I am working to bring to reality.

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