Monday, August 31, 2015

Students are customers too.

In my Virtual School Manifesto: Nine Essential Ingredients, I make the case for treating students and families as customers.

Recently a Pennsylvania paper asked me about this essential ingredient of mine as it related to Agora Cyber Charter School and their recent Facebook posts from parents stressing out over the start of the school year.

In a previous post I mentioned Agora had severed management ties with K12 last year and launched out on their own voyage. While I am not privy to any details related to the transition, I can tell that each one of the parents posting to their Facebook page of late are asking for the same thing: SERVICE.

In what ways would things be different if these parents each felt like VIP customers? How would the flow of information and communication be different if they were viewed as customers?

Virtual schools are schools of choice. Parents can choose to join, and they can just as easily choose to leave. Virtual schools must embrace the role of customer service and understand the experience is just as important to the learning as the academics.

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