Thursday, July 30, 2015

Union County TN opts not to enroll new students in TNVA this year

Last year at this time, Union County fought with the State of Tennessee and won in order to allow 626 new students enter Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA) for the 2014-2015 academic year. 

This year, after a court ruled TNVA could remain open for another year, Union County opted to go in a different direction and only allow returning students to be a part of TNVA this year. That means no new enrollments in the virtual school, even if current students leave.

Being a proponent of virtual schooling (though no fan of the current models in action) I have mixed feelings about this move. However, based on the past struggles of TNVA and their newly-released TCAP scores for 2015, I do believe it to be the right one for this year.

For TNVA to avoid a shutdown next summer there is much work to be done. K12, the company behind TNVA, likes to tout that students who stay with them longer perform better on state tests. This year should allow them to prove it (or not). 

There's no more excuses available for them. Union County took a good first step. Now, it's time for results.

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