Monday, July 6, 2015

The real Gettysburg Address

One man spoke for over two hours and few can recall his 13,607-word oration.

Another man spoke for around two minutes and changed the world.

Poor Edward Everett. He was invited to be the featured speaker to those gathered on the former battlefield in Pennsylvania that 1863-November.

After the Marine Band played "Old Hundred" Everett rose to speak. For 120 minutes he eloquently compared the Battle of Gettysburg to battles of antiquity such as Marathon. He even spoke of how opposing sides in civil wars long past were able to reconcile their differences after the wars had ended. He then took his seat again overlooking the crowd. He had delivered what the thought was the Gettysburg address.

Moments later he watched as the President rose and history unfolded in a span of 120 seconds.

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