Thursday, February 5, 2015

Behind the curtain

"I was told that it would only take 6-8 hours each day for the schoolwork to be completed. But, now I am finding out that in addition to the 6-8 hours of schoolwork, there is also more to be done with teacher meetings, test prep, and other online meetings -- this means our days are more like 8-10 hours. Not what I was told."

Cyber (virtual) school mom

A friend shared this Facebook post with me as we were discussing the idea of how easy it is to "peer behind the curtain" and see what is really going on. With Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social avenues, prospective families can easily and quickly determine if what you are telling them is true or not.

Not too long ago it was simpler for companies to create a false front and craft the story they wanted to tell. Today, your customers play an integral role in sharing that story of yours. So, make sure it is authentic from the beginning because they can easily see behind the curtain.

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