Monday, February 23, 2015

And the Oscar goes to . . .

. . . those who stay weird, stay different.

Screenwriter Graham Moore's acceptance speech was easily one of the highlights of last night's 87th Academy Awards Presentation in which he encouraged teens (yet each of us really) to "stay weird, stay different."

I believe that is part of the promise virtual schooling holds -- it allows students to be themselves, to learn their own way, to explore their passions, to follow Graham's exhortation.

Students in virtual schools can move beyond the confines of the seats in traditional schools, discover what lies outside the walls of brick-and-mortar buildings, and learn to see the world in new and fascinating ways.

We celebrate the weird, the different each February when it comes to the Oscars. What if we did the same each and every day within the realm of education. What if we honored each student for who they are and who they desire to be.

Virtual schooling provides us with this opportunity.

It offers us the chance to expand the categories to fit the student instead of working to fit more students into fewer categories.

It gives us the freedom to see the world through each of their eyes instead of telling them what they need to see. And, when we begin to do that we are then on the verge of opening up the future in ways unknown, and that is when potential can be fulfilled.

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