Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Challenge of Your Turn: #YourTurnChallenge

I simply moved the word Challenge ahead of Your Turn. Does it take on a whole new meaning for you?

Merriam-Webster tells us that challenge is a verb, a transitive verb, and an intransitive verb. I counted 13 definitions attached to the word challenge -- does that mean we get to choose the definition we want?

Is Your Turn daring you to prove your worthiness of choosing yourself?

Is it inviting you into a competition involving others who have also accepted the challenge?

Is it asking you to prove your identity calling you a stranger in this world of choosing oneself?

Perhaps it is disputing past assumptions and calling them invalid leaving you to change your beliefs?

Or, is it stimulating you, arousing you by presenting you with difficulties. Difficulties, that once overcome, will allow you to experience the joy that comes with choosing Your Turn.

Maybe the word Challenge is a noun. Merriam-Webster tells us that as a noun challenge has three primary definitions: a difficult task or problem; an action, statement, etc., that is against something; an invitation to compete.

Perhaps one of those definitions will suffice for you.

However, before you decide ask yourself, "Who said I have to use the word challenge?"

I simply rearranged the words and put challenge first. It is just as easy for you to replace it with one of your choosing.

After all, it is Your Turn.

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