Friday, January 16, 2015

3 Blogs Worth Following

Below are 3 bloggers you may want to follow on a regular basis. The quality of the content they offer on a consistent basis is what I aspire to offer as well. Whether or not I am accomplishing that is still a question.

However, these bloggers make you think, and see things differently. And, I believe that is what they should do.

1. Michael Michalko

Author of books such as Thinkertoys, Michael's blog posts and thought projects are some of the best I have ever read and used. If you want to dive in deeper, expand your mind, and tap into your inner idea genius, then I would also encourage you to purchase his books.

2. Seth Godin

Seth is one of the most prolific authors, bloggers, and thought gurus in recent history. His insight into marketing, entrepreneurship, self-development, and personal growth is a daily dose of wisdom and action-provoking ideas.

3. Richard Branson

Founder of Virgin, Sir Richard may not be for everyone. However, within each of his blog posts lies great nuggets of information that can help you reach your potential. His posts are filled with inspiration and challenge you to reach beyond what you think possible.

Hope these suggestions help you in some way. I encourage you to read them, follow them, and consider using their suggestions to help you reach your dreams.

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