Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - helping special needs kids explore the world.

I don't do this often but I came across this web site today when they began following me on Twitter, and I have always had a heart for those in our world who I believe are truly special.

Special Globe ( is a company (passion really) launched by two childhood friends who want to assist those families with special needs kids and bring the world to them -- or, more appropriately, allow them to explore the world.

Seeing their web site reminded me of my college days when I interned with Special Olympics. I recall watching each of the participants cross the finish lines with huge smiles on their faces, enjoying each moment, and bringing so much joy to others. And, it hit me, that is the real reason they are called special.

I encourage you to check out Special Globe, learn more about what they are doing, and share it with all of your friends and acquaintances who may benefit from the services they have to offer.

Full disclosure - I am not working with Special Globe, nor do I know their founders (Meg and John) at all. I just felt the need to share what they are offering because it is an area I have great passion for as well -- Meg and John simply did something about their passion.

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