Tuesday, December 30, 2014

If I could only read three books next year they would be . . .

Building a Company: Roy O. Disney and the Creation of an Entertainment Empire

Walt's story is well documented. However, without his brother Roy, would there ever have been a Walt?

One night at a Los Angeles dinner gala, Walt Disney gave a rare public statement about his older brother, Roy: "We started the business here in 1923, and if it hadn't been for my big brother, I swear I'd have been in jail several times for checks bouncing."

Author Bob Thomas takes readers on Roy's journey showcasing his business acumen, financial expertise, and his overall desire to bring Walt's dreams to life.

Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

Author, blogger, and marketing guru Seth Godin presents a compelling case on ways in which businesses can stand out, go to the edge, be different -- or as he calls it, a Purple Cow.

Imagine what you would do when traveling down a back road, and off to your right you see a purple cow. Would you pass it by? Or, would you stop, take photos, and share it with everyone you knew? Before long, they too would share it and more people would make the drive to witness firsthand the purple cow.

The same is true in business. In a world where we are all the same kinds of cows, the companies that stand out and make a difference are those who achieve the status of being a purple cow. Seth Godin shares his thoughts, ideas and examples on how to move toward the purple color.

Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

Why do certain people succeed and others don't? Why do some live the life they always imagined and others simply survive?

Author, speaker and business consultant Jim Rohn spent over 40 years focused on the fundamentals of human behavior. And while he left us a few years ago, his knowledge continues to be shared and his popularity continues to increase.

This book, in my opinion, is Jim's best. It's a quick read but full of information and thought-provoking philosophies.

If you want to put your life puzzle together in 2015, then Jim's book can guide you through the process.

And now, how about you. If you could only read three books in 2015, what would they be?


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