Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The 2014 iNACOL Symposium here in Palm Springs has hundreds of talks and breakout sessions going on now through Friday. There are some fascinating discussions going on, and we even had Sal Khan of Khan Academy cast a big vision in regards to Khan Academy.

Blended, virtual, online, adaptive, competency-based, LMS, OLS, integrated, flipped, disruptive -- each one a thread pouring through the sessions with technology as the centerpiece.

And while I did not catch the young lady's name this morning in the opening session, it was interesting what she had to say. She was an online school teacher, on the panel with the other speakers, and the microphone was passed to her for a response to a question related to her experience, and she said:

"I realized that I was not of much value, that I was more spending my time on just guiding instead of teaching."

Hopefully, technology has an answer for that too.

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