Monday, July 7, 2014

The Power of the ENO Story

It was fascinating to watch. No, not the fireworks display though that was our primary reason for being there among the thousands.

What was really fascinating to witness was the number of people who came up and asked my kids what they were hanging out in. You see, when we arrived for the holiday festivities, we did not bring lawn chairs, instead my kids brought their Eagle’s Nest Outfitters -- otherwise known as ENOs for those already in the tribe.

ENOs are basically hammocks on steroids, and the younger generation has claimed them as their own.

So, instead of sitting on the beach, our kids found trees to hang their ENOs, climbed up in them, and enjoyed the evening while several feet in the air.

What was fun though was to see the line of people stop, look, and ask our kids what they were. Clearly they looked like hammocks but everyone knew there was something different about these.

And, as each person asked, the story of the ENO spread. One-by-one they each asked them where they could get one like that. Kids wanted to swing in them, and each went away asking their parents if they could have one.

No marketing dollars were spent yet something remarkable was happening -- an experience was being shared. It was a reminder to me that in order for a story to be shared, it first must be worth sharing.

Spend your time building a product, a service, a school, a business that is worth talking about, worth sharing. Then, build a marketing plan that shares the story already being told to those who want to hear it.

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