Friday, June 13, 2014

Mission Statements of Virtual Schools

Peruse many Mission Statements from companies and organizations, and it does not take long to understand why morale is low, turnover is high and results are tepid.

At K¹², our mission has remained steadfast: To provide any child access to exceptional curriculum and tools that enable him or her to maximize his or her success in life, regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance.

The mission of Connections Academy is to help each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely individualized learning program. 

According to an article from, a Mission Statement is the "essence of your business's goals and the philosophies underlying them." The article (from 2003) provides some nice tips on developing a Mission Statement for your company, organization, or even school. It does so by providing some questions for you to answer to help identify key aspects to share within the statement.

One question missing though is "Does your Mission Statement inspire anyone?" If it does not inspire those who work for you, how do you expect your employees to do inspirational work? And, if your employees are not inspired, how do you expect them to inspire your customers?

Employees want to know that the work they are doing is making a difference, that they are part of something larger than themselves. If they are there only for the paycheck, then perhaps you need to look for other employees. But, before you do, make sure it is their lack of inspiration rather than you not giving them something to be inspired by.

Virtual schools carry with them the promise of so much more than "providing any child access" or "maximizing potential" (whatever that means). Virtual schools have the opportunity to change the world of education. Why not make that your mission?

Why not be a school "dedicated, even obsessed with nurturing the passion within each child to never stop learning, growing, and developing a life of significance."

Inspire us with your mission and support it by your actions. Then, watch it spread.

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