Thursday, May 1, 2014

Comments from Management

A technology-based education company and leading provider of proprietor of curriculum recently posted their quarterly earnings, and conducted their quarterly investor call. As part of the release, the company issued the highlights for the quarter. Within those highlights was the section titled "Comments from Management."

"Improving academic outcomes remains our number one priority," said the CEO of the company. "To support this goal, we will continue to invest in new content, systems and tools for our students and teachers while driving further enhancements across the schools we serve."

Their schools across the country are struggling to meet AYP targets, and they recently released new AP test prep apps. AP tests are not part of AYP requirements. So, new content is not the answer.

New systems and tools might be helpful but they are not the solutions either. If they were, the existing systems and tools should suffice.

Perhaps the company would do well to align their stated number one priority with the solutions that could make a real difference. Until they do, academic performance will remain a pain point, and the next quarterly report will sound much like this one.

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