Monday, March 3, 2014

Find another way, and you will be wealthy

As I write this I am currently sitting in an airport (yet again) watching airlines delay and cancel flight after flight. Passengers are increasingly becoming frustrated, and airline employees working feverishly (and hopelessly) to do what they can to help the stranded. And, if that is not enough, the Starbucks cannot take orders due to their machines not working.

My last four flights have either been delayed or cancelled due to weather primarily, but also to mechanical issues. If there is a trend emerging, this is it -- waiting, delays, cancellations, and frustration.

And yet, I see advertisements from airlines saying things such as -- "Building a better American," United has evidently resurrected "Fly the friendly skies," and Delta tells us they want to "Keep climbing."

American has to build a better one, because right now the one they have is far from great.

United? Friendly skies? Wouldn't know for sure, every time I have to fly with them, they seem to cancel their flights. So, their skies may be friendly, but they can't seem to get me there.

Delta? They can keep climbing, just not sure where they are headed on that journey. Perhaps next time they can chart a destination before they start the climb.

My preference would be to see airlines focus on performance rather than slogans. Until then, their advertising lacks authenticity.

Actually, my preference would be to have someone develop a true alternative to flying. If someone could find another way, they would be wealthy. Instead of launching another airline with the promise of "on-time departures and arrivals," "expanded seating," "friendly agents," and more, someone please find a completely different way to take us from Point A to Point B.

And, when you do, can you make sure your Starbucks can serve coffee. I need a Venti right about now.

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