Thursday, January 30, 2014

The State of the Union . . .

. . . really depends upon where you are in life. For Republicans, the State of the Union is not too good right now. For Democrats, it is a lot better (though there is some trepidation with the looming elections, which are always looming it seems). And yet, it is the same Union for both.

In reality, it is not the State of the "Union" that matters, it is the State of "Me". And, there are over 200 million "me's" running around with differing opinions as to the true State of what is going on.

The same can be said of your customers. You can tout the merits of a 92% retention rate, or an 89% customer satisfaction rate. But, that means 8% and 11% have a differing opinion.

Having a high retention rate, or satisfaction rate is nice. But, if you are the only one saying anything about it then there is great potential being lost. Instead, be proactive in developing a culture of sharing by your customers who are satisfied with you. Remember, the percentage who leave you are already telling others of their experience with you.

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