Monday, November 11, 2013

Why home schoolers are not listening to you.

Recent estimates place the home school community in America over 2.3 million -- and growing 7-15% annually.

So, why are they not listening to you? You have a great product for them. You have invested thousands, even millions of dollars into the development of your learning platform and course offerings, even hiring the best teachers you could find. Yet, the home school families have turned a deaf ear to you. Why?

Three reasons really:

1) They do not trust you.

They have either ignored you completely because there is no relationship with them due to any and all lack of trust in you. Or, they have given you a moment of their time and turned aside, again because the trust level in you is not there. If you cannot climb this hurdle then all other reasons do not matter.

2) They do not like what you have to say.

Perhaps they are indifferent to you but "lack of trust" is not an issue with this group. Yet, they still are not committed to hearing what you have to say. You may believe they are not listening when in reality they have heard what you have said. They simply do not like what you are saying. Perhaps it is product related or communication related -- either way, you have lost an opportunity to converse with them.

3) You cost too much.

"Wait!" You say, "our program is free!" I am not talking about just financial costs here. Many home school families are not listening to you because they believe it will cost them their freedom, their ability to influence, their role as parents, and so forth, if they join you.

You see, what you believe is an asset may indeed be a liability.

And, if you think that any of this is the fault of the home school family, then you have missed a golden opportunity to engage in a conversation with them that will allow you to serve them.

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