Monday, November 18, 2013

Marketing to Home School Moms

Estimates indicate that 90%+ of the primary educators at home are Moms - which is a code word for female. In today's world, women are the most powerful consumers - in the realm of home schooling this is even more accurate. Home school Moms lead the educational purchasing decisions, are radically engaged in their children's education, and they are female.

I keep bringing up the female aspect because their reasons for buying are quite different from men. Their decision process is not the same.

So, if you want to reach them you have to understand them -- why they buy, what resonates with them (and what does not), what messages stir their emotions, what ways do they employ logic (how does logic and emotion work together), and what inspires them to share with others.

If 90%+ of your market is female, does your message (content and visual) align with their worldview? A quick tour of the web says the answer is a resounding "no."

The good news: there is a fantastic opportunity waiting for a company, school, organization who authentically desires to serve this billion-dollar market.

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