Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Home school v Home schooler

I recently conducted some training around the difference between "home school" and "home schooler" in order to help educate the client so they could better target the customer they wanted to reach.

If you have a desire to penetrate the home school market, it is imperative you understand this difference.


1) Your return on investment will jump because you are targeting the overall crowd that more closely aligns with your worldview

2) Your message, your story, will better resonate with the crowd you truly intend to serve because you are targeting the right crowd

3) Your advertising (search, display, and banner) will be displayed in the appropriate places, at the appropriate times, and will allow you to forgo other advertising opportunities that appear beneficial but are actually a waste of dollars

4) Your time and energy will be spent attracting those customers who want to hear from you, and are willing to listen to what you have to say

"Home school" or "Home schooler"? Do you know the difference? If you do it could dramatically impact your marketing strategy.

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