Thursday, November 7, 2013

Authenticity and vulnerability

Seth Godin, Gilmore & Pine, Malcolm Gladwell, Bridget Brennan, and a host of other authors are sounding the clarion for companies and organizations to be authentic and even vulnerable when it comes to engaging with their customers.

In today's world, and more importantly in tomorrow's world, consumers have the ability to bypass the "corporate speak" and uncover the truth behind the message.

Yesterday's marketing techniques cannot build into consumers what all companies truly desire from them: loyalty -- a loyalty, as Seth Godin describes it, of "identity and satisfaction".

Companies who understand this are at the forefront of having their ideas spread because they comprehend the landscape in which they operate. We are now in the consumer-driven world -- consumers who want an authentic, even vulnerable story from a company. In return they are willing to give that company their trust which leads to loyalty.

Those who fail to recognize this will continue to invest dollars in outdated media and wonder why their costs continue to rise, and their customers continue to leave.

Figment Consulting wants to help you understand your customer, then craft campaigns that establish, foster, and nurture loyalty within them.

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